Day of Fishing Screensaver

Day of Fishing Screensaver 1.0

Day of Fishing Screensaver takes you fishing to a secluded cove
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If you are tired and bored of your daily routine but live too far away from a nice place where you can go fishing, keep on reading.
Day of Fishing Screensaver takes you fishing to a secluded cove.
This screensaver will allow you to see yourself (that is, if you feel cartoonish) sitting on a small boat out at sea, doing some relaxing fishing.
You will listen to the seagulls singing and you will be cuddled by the sound of gentle surf.
Around you, seagulls fly, like expecting you to share your catch with them.
At the distance, your friend is fishing from the shore, probably as happy as you.

Day of Fishing Screensaver will change the mood at your office or home. It will help you to forget about your troubles for a while.
However, don't expect anything very realistic.
Both characters and all the birds flying around are animated drawings. They really never change their look, nor their big smiles.
However, if you definitely cannot go out on a fishing trip, this screensaver will surely be able to brighten your day a bit.

Fernando Soni
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  • Pretty relaxing
  • Nice sounds


  • Not realistic
  • Can get a bit boring
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